Awkwardness, Microsoft Surface Laptop 4, Airflow & Composer


Sometimes I feel like I need to say something in order for common courtesy to take place; even if I don't have anything to say or don't want to say anything. This can't be at all unusual, right?

Anyway, it seems forcing it ends up with me saying things that make little sense since they're so forced. But to say nothing is often considered rude. So is it better to just say anything and risk just coming off aloof?


Microsoft Surface Laptop 4 was announced today. I impulsively placed an order. I have enjoyed the WSL2 experience when combined with Windows Terminal. Makes developing on Windows machines not a complete pain in my ass.

Why did I get this? I'm currently typing on a bohemoth 17" MSI gaming laptop that gets a solid 3-4 hours of time off charge. And while it kicks ass for gaming, it's sort of a terrible choice for general productivity, browsing, and portability if I don't need the power. I'm looking forward to something I can keep off the cord for hours at a time and charge at night like my phone.

Opted for the AMD 512GB with 16GB RAM.

worked on

More work with GCP's Airflow service, Composer. Getting weird memory limit errors with heavy loads on columnarly wide datasets. Scaled up node memory limits within its Kubernetes cluster and still nothing. Fine for now because I got what I need but part of the fun of BigQuery is analytical datastores with wide columnar dataset!

After messing with that for a bit, ended up creating a few more SQL queries to bring interesting views of Salesforce data into Data Studio.

Note to self: Diagram a set of view schemas so I don't have hundreds of custom SQL queries powering hundreds of reports. Reduce, reuse, recycle.

That's all I think.

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